Bar Council Annual Report 2016-17

Aim 2 - Pupillage Gateway

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Pupillage Gateway

The Pupillage Gateway is the online application system for pupillage, operated by the Bar Council. All pupillage vacancies are advertised on the Pupillage Gateway, which provides students and chambers with a fair application platform and transparent structure for making and accepting offers of pupillage.

Changes made in 2016-17 mean that the Gateway now has a wider range of search criteria, the ability to store more data from previous applications, and a longer time period in which to prepare applications. The Gateway also allows students greater latitude to tailor their applications to individual chambers.

The timetable for 2016-17 was changed so that students now know if they have been successful in their pupillage applications before committing to the Bar Professional Training Course and the significant fees involved. This change was prompted by concerns that the previous timetable disadvantaged able but less well-off students.

Looking ahead

The recruitment cycle for 2016-17 finished in May 2017 with 89 chambers using the Gateway.

The Bar Council will be checking with those who used the Gateway in both recruitment cycles about their experiences of the new timetable, and to see how the process can be improved.

Further details about how the Gateway functions can be found in the Applicant User Guide (PDF) and the timetable is available here.

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