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Young Bar

The Young Barristers’ Committee (YBC) comprises elected members of the Bar Council (employed and self-employed barristers) of up to seven years in practice. The YBC currently has over 20 members, specialising in civil, criminal and regulatory work, from both within and outside London.

Young Bar Hub & Toolkit

The Young Bar Hub website

The Young Bar Hub website

Following its launch in 2015, the Young Bar Hub and Toolkit continued throughout 2016-17 to provide the young Bar with the latest opportunities and events, advice on building and sustaining a successful practice, and information on managing wellbeing.

The Toolkit is written and continuously updated by members of the YBC, with input from fellow barristers, pupil supervisors and clerks, and from Bar Council staff. It is designed for barristers, including pupils, in the early years of practice.

The Toolkit features five sections, with relevant sub-sections:

In 2016-17, the YBC hosted four seminars in London and on Circuit where members of the young Bar heard from senior professionals including, among others, the Vice-Chair of the Bar, the Chairman of the Institute of Barristers’ Clerks, and the Chair of the Employed Barristers’ Committee.

The seminars were:

  • Building and managing a practice for the self-employed Bar
  • Life at the Employed Bar as a Young Barrister
  • Financial affairs, accounting and taxation issues for the junior self-employed Bar
  • Wellbeing & work/life balance
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In 2016, the Young Bar Hub launched a blog platform as a means of actively engaging with the young Bar on topical issues affecting practice, and sharing the reality of life at the junior Bar through its ‘Day in the life of’ series.

The website has received positive feedback since its launch, and as of December 2016, the Young Bar Hub and Toolkit had over 40,000 views. Back links to the Young Bar Hub and Toolkit are now featured on all four of the Inns’ websites, and updates are shared with members via Twitter on a regular basis.

AGFS consultation

The YBC announced its support for the Bar Council’s response to the Government AGFS consultation through the Young Bar Hub, which also hosts its own consultation response.

International Weekend

The YBC organised the International Weekend 2016 with the Law Society’s Junior Lawyers’ Division, the European Young Bar Association, and the London Young Lawyers’ Group. The event was geared towards young practitioners interested in international law looking to build their network of contacts and diversify their practices. Opened by the Chair of the Bar, Andrew Langdon QC, the event attracted lawyers from Europe, America and China and provided a valuable opportunity for young barristers in England and Wales to meet solicitors and other practitioners from around the world.

Young Bar Workshop

In the summer of 2016, the YBC organised its annual workshop, ‘The Specialist Advocate’. Over 90 delegates attended, including Chinese lawyers from the Bar Council’s China Training Scheme. Delegates were addressed by Lady Justice Black and Chair of the Bar, Andrew Langdon QC, and concluded with a plenary question and answer session chaired by Sir John Goldring.

Anglo Dutch Exchange

Delegates on the Anglo-Dutch admire artwork at the Hague

Delegates on the Anglo-Dutch admire artwork at the Hague

In October 2016, four delegates from the YBC attended the 50th Anglo-Dutch Exchange. This bi-annual exchange programme was spread over three locations: Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, and allowed members of the young Bar unique insights and connections to legal professionals in another jurisdiction.

Delegates on the Anglo Dutch Exchange admire artwork at the Hague

Delegates on the Anglo Dutch Exchange admire artwork at the Hague

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