Bar Council Annual Report 2016-17

Aims 3 & 4: Safeguard justice and the rule of law and promote the Bar

Securing and promoting the work of the Bar and its role in society

Aims 3 & 4: Safeguard justice and the rule of law and promote the Bar


The Bar Council has continued to promote the Bar as a leading champion of the rule of law and a steward of our system of justice, and to promote the work of the Bar, both in the UK and internationally, as a specialist advocacy service in the interests of our members, the wider economy and society at large.

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Role of Lord Chancellor   




In late 2016 and into 2017, the Bar Council took the lead in defending the independence of the judiciary when judges were branded as ‘Enemies of the People’ in the wake of the High Court ruling in the Article 50 litigation.

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The work of the Bar Council International Team focuses on promoting the Bar to international markets, supporting the rule of law internationally and encouraging the use of English law in international jurisdictions.

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Since the referendum result in June 2016 the Bar Council Brexit Working Group has played a leading role in evaluating the legal and constitutional implications of Brexit and producing much-needed guidance for Government and the media on behalf of the profession and in the public interest.

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The media continue to play a vital role in the Bar Council’s communications strategy. In 2016-17, the Communications & Marketing team secured more than 6,000 pieces of media coverage in the year, compared to 1,500 the previous year.

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To demonstrate the varied and important work barristers do on a pro bono basis, in 2016 the Bar Council developed the Bar Pro Bono Hub in conjunction with the Bar Pro Bono Board.

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Public Legal Education

In early 2017, the Bar Council, in partnership with the Citizenship Foundation, developed a series of Key Stage 4 citizenship lesson resources. The lessons explored the role of democratic decision-making in the UK, and the importance of an independent judiciary in our constitution.

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